Aesthetic Corrections In The Nose

One of the most frequently performed aesthetic interventions are those focused on the nose area, causing the percentage of surgeries or treatments to increase annually. There are several causes for which a person undergoes or desires an arrangement in their nose. Many do it to look aesthetically good and many others because of problems in their airways. Whatever the reason, rhinoplasty is among the most popular surgeries.

In many occasions, it is not necessary for the person to undergo a surgical treatment to obtain the results they want but they can resort to the application of fillers, this for 100% cosmetic purposes. Since 1980 it was approved the use of fillers for the lips and nose, that for cosmetic use, where the growing demand for this type of treatment in the area of the nose has allowed not everyone to resort to a more invasive procedure such as surgery.

The filling in the nasal contour, better known as rhinomodeling, is a great option for those whose budget is not as high as for surgery, who fear major procedures and irreversible results. In order for the filling to be optimal, it is important to take into account: the elasticity, the viscosity and the hydrophilicity of the material, essentially to make it resistant, to provide support and to avoid risks of compressing the vessels when the nose is corrected. The ideal filling must be safe, biocompatible and of quality. The percentage that will be used depends on the correction and the assessment previously provided by the doctor, who analyzed the area to know how much volume will be injected.

Although there are about 150 fillers on the market, none of them achieve all the ideal characteristics, but the doctor must be advised and choose which one is right for the patient so that the results look natural and feel soft to the touch. They can be classified in different characteristics:

  1. Collagen
  2. Hyaluronic acid
  3. Biosynthetic polymers

One of the most commonly used fillers is hyaluronic acid. Basically, the injections correct deformities of nasal walls, nasal tip, nasolabial angle, among others.

Another popular and innovative technique in the field of nose jobs tijuana is ultrasonic rhinoplasty. This is based on the implementation of a device that uses ultrasound waves, this allows the cuts to be made without damaging the tissue surrounding the bones, making the procedure safer and more accurate.


The true benefits of this innovative procedure revolutionize rhinoplasty surgery.

  • Less trauma in the manipulation of the area.
  • Ease of bone correction, especially in cases where the bone is fine and fragile.
  • Simple modification in hard, voluptuous or wide nose defects.
  • Rapid recovery, avoiding excess bruising of the skin and swelling of the skin in the area.
  • Better results since the procedure look more natural and there is an improvement in nasal function.

As for the facilities granted by the device to the surgeon, there are essentially two: safety in the procedure, avoiding collateral damage and precision in the performance of the work, mainly when it comes to focusing on the bone.

The two methods mentioned above are very innovative in the medical and aesthetic industry, although fillers or implants have time, lately, they have become a great option. And when it comes to ultrasonic rhinoplasty, it is a technique that offers quite a few advantages over traditional rhinoplasty.

The doctor to perform any treatment should analyze the face to know which method is most convenient for the person and thus get the best results.