How IMG Agencies Help Medical Graduates Reserve Summer Rotations Early

It is extremely important to reserve summer rotations early due to the mad dash and chaotic competitiveness that exists in trying to secure a top desired spot. The problem is that every medical graduate is scrambling to get the same rotations, and this is why it is wise to invest in an IMG agency to get summer rotations, and ensure graduates have the best US clinical experience. This article is intended to help foreign medical graduates discover why an IMG agency can help them get ahead of the competition in securing summer medical rotations. 

IMG Agencies have the Insight to Think Two Steps Ahead

When there are thousands of medical graduates fighting to get the same summer rotations, the urgency to identify the right summer rotations, and contact the right people with the right information, is at a code red with a fierce competition. When medical graduates partner with IMG agencies they can take it easy while trained professionals use each client’s goals as a foundation for getting the best summer rotations, and starting the process early is critical for success. 

IMG Agencies Help Graduates get the Best LORs

The main thing desired by medical graduates is to earn the right letter of recommendation from a respected supervising physician that highlights all of the right things required for career advancement. Ensuring this requires a great amount of research and building bridges with the right people. Most international medical graduates don’t have the time to spend doing this, but top IMG agencies can do this efficiently, and quickly. In fact, 500 families from India, Bangladesh, and Singapore were interviewed, and the main reason why they invested in IMG agencies was to help their family member get into a situation for getting the right summer rotations that lead to the best LORs. People who were interviewed added that knowing their loved one could start the process early to ensure their loved one gets the best summer rotations was a defining moment in the decision-making process. 

Housing for Medical Graduates in the US

Housing is a major part of securing the best summer rotations, and this aspect too requires a head start. The best IMG agencies will do all the research and leg work to make sure medical graduates find housing in their top desired area before the majority of other renters flood the rental market. Some graduates want to live near the hospital, while others don’t mind the commute and want to live in a quiet suburb away from distractions. Then there are some graduates who want to live in the fashionable or trendy part of town where all the entertainment and action is as a great way to off balance their work life. It just depends on the individual graduate’s needs, and the best IMG agencies will put their clients in the best accommodations, and in the best summer rotations.