Obesity: The main health problem in many countries of the world

Global health is an extremely important issue, as it ensures long-term survival of the human species, in the improvement of global health not only intervenes the solution to epidemics, the decline of anti-vaccine movements, or the development of cures for diseases that plague the world, but also requires the solution of one of the greatest problems of today: obesity. 

Governments’ efforts to reduce obesity

The progressive increase in obesity in much part of the world, as well as in Latin American countries such as Mexico, has caused great problems for the health system, since it not only limits movements, but also causes comorbidities such as hypertension, diabetes, among others, which has led to a reduction in the quality of life of the people who suffer from it. 

In addition to raising taxes on sugary drinks and junk food in general, world governments, like multiple non-profit organizations, have created awareness campaigns to prevent childhood obesity and to help people change their eating habits, as well as increase the amount of exercise they conduct.

As a result of this is the “fitness” trend that has emerged in recent years, as more and more people are going out to exercise, as well as the arrival of more people who reduce their fat intake is a hopeful step.

Weight loss surgeries: An alternative to solving the problem


However, efforts do not always work, and in many cases, it is necessary for a person to have to undergo weight loss surgery in order to be in good health, as well as to end the comorbidities of obesity when undergoing a diet and exercise routine fails.

There are two types of weight loss surgery, the first one is liposuction, with a special machine, the fat that causes obesity is suctioned, the other is bariatric, which consists of reducing the size of the stomach to a certain volume, either the size of a walnut (gastric bypass) or a banana (gastric sleeve). The bypass is the most used surgery in cases of morbid obesity.

Gastric bypass Mexico has been used, on numerous occasions, to definitively solve the obesity problems suffered by many people throughout the country, as well as by medical tourists who come to the country to undergo this type of procedure.

In addition, it is recommended as an alternative to solve the problem because in the specialized clinics in this procedure, there is the constant support of professionals in mental health and nutrition so the recovery can be more bearable, this aspect, among many others , have achieved that cosmetic surgery in Mexico has managed to position itself worldwide.