Why Use Mouthguards?

Dental care definitely has to be an essential part of our cleaning routine. The oral cavity is home to many bacteria that, if not appropriately removed, cause severe damage to the teeth and different parts of the body. People who have gone through trauma or sports, need special care to continue maintaining the optimal health of their oral cavity, especially their teeth.

Dentists in Tijuana recommend the use of mouthguards to avoid injuries in this area of the mouth and especially in the jaw. This type of appliances is made of a flexible plastic material that helps not only to keep the teeth protected but also to keep the person mobile.

What injuries can be avoided by using protectors?

The use of these devices can prevent damage, such as brain hemorrhages, jaw fractures, and neck injuries. This is mainly when the person is in a sport where he can receive blows in these areas that can endanger some function of his body.

Similarly, these devices are recommended for patients who are in some orthodontic treatment because it does not allow contact with soft tissue, thus avoiding bruises, sores, and ulcers. Mainly in parts such as lips and cheeks.

When is it necessary to use protectors?

The use of these devices is recommended when the person may be likely to be in contact with someone else. It is preferable that athletes who are involved in basketball, football, martial arts, or skateboarding use these protectors so they can resist the blows that can be caused by such activities.

Why do some children wear protectors?

The children who use these appliances is because they engage in some sports where it is necessary to protect the teeth. Parents and coaches must understand that the use of these devices is essential so that children cannot have problems at the time of performing these procedures. Similarly, dentists use it for dental treatments.

In the market, there are many types of protectors, so it is necessary to know which is the right one for each person.

Classic protectors: For this type of apparatus, it is not necessary to have an essential preparation. The sizes that can be found are different according to the needs of the teeth. These can be obtained in stores where they sell sporting goods. Because they are not professionals, they are often worn more efficiently, so it is necessary to change them frequently.

Bite Protectors: These are characterized because they have to be boiled in hot water so that the shape of the patient’s teeth can be molded, pressure must be applied so that they really adapt to the structure of the mouth. This type of protector covers the entire oral cavity and in the same way, tends to wear more quickly.

Vacuum Formed: Dentists recommend this type of appliance, so, within the office, the dentist will take an impression of the entire oral cavity and then manufacture the tool according to the needs of the oral cavity. This type of protector covers all the teeth and tends to be more expensive.

Laminates: Provide more benefits than the rest of the protectors because they are thicker, providing more excellent protection to avoid damage or injury to the mouth.