Dental Implants VS Implants All On 4

For people who need dental implants, all on 4 dental implant treatment has completely revolutionized the technique of implementing all on 4 implants Tijuana. One of the great advantages of this new technique is that it has allowed the implants to become something much more comfortable and simple in the long term, because although it is true that their implementation at first is not the best, with the passage of time they are much more comfortable and less invasive, as well as being more hygienic, because for example something we can say is that with common implants it is much more difficult for them to look natural, because they have this problem that they are not adhered, which makes them look fake and even sometimes something that can happen when people are eating is that the implants come off and therefore are not as comfortable, in addition to that the food can stay between the implants and gums, so it is necessary to rinse them after each meal, otherwise certain infections can occur or even cause bad odors. 

One of the advantages over all on 4 implants over other types of implants is that they can bite an apple, steak or even corn without any effort. All on 4 Tijuana implants consist of a hybrid bridge, which is a device that rests on 4 dental implants and thus replaces the arch of teeth completely. This type of implants are a very functional option, since the result obtained is very similar to having natural teeth, in addition to being a permanent solution that does not cover the palate and offers up to 95% of normal chewing capacity as if you had the full denture compared to traditional dentures. 

The All On 4 treatment can be performed in one day, replaces all teeth and causes the sensation and complies with the functioning of natural teeth, this is fixed and placed and allows people to eat all the food they want, preserves the jaw and as a long-term solution is the best option. To be able to put these it is necessary to remove the natural teeth that remain to the patient, in order to replace them with dental implants and then a fixed device is placed on the implants screwed into place, they do not come in or out. 

Choosing this treatment means choosing comfort and durability, you can eat what you want without any problem and these implants will be permanent, unlike the traditional ones that have to be changed from time to time.  And although many people think that this treatment is very expensive, the truth is that if we take into account the expense that is made having to replace traditional dentures from time to time, this solution is more viable in the long term.  So if we see it on that side if it would be much better, and if we also take into account all the benefits of hygiene, comfort and durability, undoubtedly all on 4 implants are a much better option than any other type of implants.