Why Is It Important To Use Oral Irrigators?

Dental hygiene is an action that should never be absent from our routine. A good hygiene will allow to avoid diseases that damage not only the oral health but also other parts of the organism since all the structures of our body are related. Many dentists recommend the use of irrigators to improve dental cleaning, especially for those patients who underwent dental implants Tijuana. A mechanical instrument such as the irrigators will allow the removal of bacterial plaque and tartar found in complicated areas.

Although toothbrushes are a great help, it is true that many times they are not able to remove bacteria and food deposits that are stored in a certain area as it is between the teeth. The toothbrush can only remove about 60% of bacteria found in the mouth, so it will require the use of different tools to ensure effective cleaning. In order to remove tartar found in interdental areas, the use of dental floss is recommended or, in this case, oral irrigators that will facilitate the elimination of these microorganisms.

Oral irrigators consist of the direct application of pulsed water or different solutions between the spaces of the oral cavity. As it is pressurized water, the deposits of bacterial plaque and scars are removed more easily, making it an ideal tool to significantly improve oral hygiene. The dentists recommend its use after brushing, this with the aim of serving as a supplement or extra to ensure that the teeth and gums are clean of those agents that can bring us greater problems.

These utensils are especially indicated for those who want a deep cleaning or those who really need it. For example, if a person has a denture which does not present major problems, its use will not be recommended since it would be a major expense for the individual. On the other hand, those who are undergoing orthodontic treatments or implants, it is necessary to consider the use of irrigators, mainly because they will need deeper cleaning as the use of brushes can be complicated for these cases.

  • Benefits of Oral Irrigators
  • Provide deeper, bacteria-free cleaning
  • Offer a feeling of freshness and cleanliness
  • Reduce and prevent diseases that can cause bad breath
  • Significantly decreases bacterial plaque and therefore tartar found in inteproximal zones.
  • Controls gum inflammation by removing bacterial plaque, preventing the onset of periodontal diseases

Depending on the brand, some mouth irrigators containing different mouthpieces that can be adapted to different areas of the mouth, making them easier to use. Also, it is sometimes possible to find some irrigators that contain tongue cleaners. The effectiveness of the irrigators is very visible, mainly when the person has many problems related to poor hygiene. This instrument, combined with different products, can mean a radical change in the health and appearance of teeth. Its constant use avoids gingival bleeding up to 82% and reduces periodontal pockets. It is important to consult a dentist so that the specialist can recommend the ideal irrigator. If the irrigator is to be used with another liquid other than water, the dentist must recommend the substance according to the needs of the oral area.