Learn More About Osteoporosis

Bone weakness is one of the main problems that older adults have. Although this condition is often associated with age, many of the symptoms can occur from a young age. That is why it is essential that from an early age, there is necessary care to the bones. If the older adult already presents this disease, it is essential that the person or organization that offers the services of assisted living in Rosarito Mexico, have the required care to facilitate and avoid the ailments in the elderly.

What is osteoporosis?

It is a disease that mainly affects women’s bones. In this pathology, these structures lose their density and stability and present porosity in the bones, causing them to weaken and be more prone to fracture in the face of any blow. Since healing processes in older adults can be much more complicated and slow, a fracture can mean serious problems for them.

Why are women the most affected?

Osteoporosis is more present in women due to the stage of menopause, where there is a considerable decrease in hormones and protection of internal structures. That is why, around the age of 70, a little more than 40% of women may present this condition. And although men can also present this disease, only 13% of those between the ages of 70, present osteoporosis.

Many of the causes of death in the elderly are associated with the fracture of one or more bones because bone mass is low. That is why, in the elderly, it is necessary to be more careful that a life-threatening accident does not occur.

A silent disease

Although there may be specific symptoms of the disease, it is usually associated with another condition, not osteoporosis. Many times this pathology is detected when a fracture has already occurred, so if you do not have the education to attend a specialist, you will never be able to detect it in time until an accident occurs. Nowadays, there are many ways to treat and prevent diseases associated with bones, such as having special diets that help increase bone mass. There are also many ways to visit a rheumatologist to check the condition of your bones.

How can osteoporosis be prevented?

Nowadays, there are many ways to prevent this disease; it is just a matter of taking them into account and carrying them out so that the presence of osteoporosis can be avoided. For those who already have it, the following tips can help slow down the wear and tear on your bones.

  • If a woman is near or already in menopause, it is crucial to see a specialist so that professional advice can be given about medications that can be taken to counteract bone problems. Men in andropause should do the same.
  • It is essential to avoid those products that can contribute to worsening the problems of osteoporosis, such as alcohol, tobacco, or any other toxins.
  • There must be a diet rich in vitamins and minerals that contribute to improving the state of the bones, avoiding or stopping the porosity in them.
  • It is essential to lead a life with exercise, and in the case of older adults, doing specific exercises helps to strengthen the bones.

It is essential always to take special care with your bones because bone mass related diseases can worsen over the years.